I feel your warmness through your smile.

There is no one remain lack of affection of warmness. You and I or anyone is cared by someone knowingly of unknowingly, directly or indirectly. We are all surviving under the shadow of Love and compassion.  We receive limitless waves of love . Love isn’t a matter of object which we can see, it is […]

Wounded heart.

The word you said yesterday, Made my heart heavy, If I was the smoke of incense, I would have dissolved into air. Even the carved painting on the rock, Has a time of disappearing. Who has created your mind? Which seems permanent. Although the caged hope in me, Fragile as dew, I won’t give up, […]

Rejoicing in the Happiness of others

Rejoicing is an important State of feeling which makes us feel good. It is a sharing feeling with others about their good deeds. If we become habituated to this practice, then it will bring us happiness, even with the small, good activities of others. Rejoicing in the happiness of other’s is a wonderful way to […]

Keep Smiling!!

  Smiling, anger and clumsiness etc. Why do those expressions change our facial expression often? Are they due to changes in our body? These expressions are like changing colors of a flower, on our face. These facial expressions are a projection of our inner attitudes or states of mind. They are just a medium, through […]

I do believe

From the thundering dragon in the sky, To the mute ant amongst the grass, I do believe we all have the same feelings, Of cherishing happiness and avoiding suffering.   “I” is a countable single being, While “You” is uncountable and many, I do believe, it is favorable and reasonable. to dedicate one’s happiness to others.   Dedicating one’s happiness […]

Don’t feel down!

“It is hard to accept what he has done to me!” a friend of mine told me disappointedly, on a phone when we were having a long conversation a few days ago. “He broke my heart in thousands of pieces and everything has finished between us.” What will be your reaction when your beloved one fails […]

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