My Approach

We all have a different outlook on life and it should be. We live differently with different background of belief, environment, situation and so on. Despite that,  we all have one thing in common, to live happily, which is a basic need of all beings and our right as well.

I do believe

If we think carefully, life is short;

Living it happily is shortest.

I do believe living every moment happily

Counts-and makes a happy life.

About me.

My Name is Stanzin Wangdan. I was born in Ladakh, India. At the age of eight, I chose to become a monk, on my own wishes to follow the path of Buddha.


A Buddhist Philosophical Student

In 1998 I joined Drepung Gomang Monastery, a monastic university for study advanced Buddhist studies, to pursue higher studies in Buddhist Philosophy. There joined to study Buddhist philosophy at the basic level. Since then till 2016 I continued my studies through taking five major courses on Buddhist Philosophy for sixteen years.


A monk

Became a monk at age 7, and received novice vows after two years. On March 6, 2011, I received the full ordination vows from H.H the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, Which I consider as a precious moment in my entire life and a priceless gift I have ever got. Being in robes and following vows become my daily p. art of life.


Ancient wisdom and modern science.

I had an opportunity to study science through various science programs which are specially programmed for monks led by H.H the 14th Dalai Lama’s far-sighted vision. Seeing many similarities like seeking reality of nature, between this two study fields, it drew my intention to be active to study science. This is a great opportunity for me to serve the human community through exchanging knowledge in this science dominant world.

My Aspiration

Moreover, as a Buddhist Philosophical student, I learned about our mind and how its projection effect on our daily life. This effect on me of thinking more precisely in the way of living our life. Chanting praises during the daily prayers grab me into loving with writing poem. And these leads me to share my thoughts and poems through this blog.